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Booking a party with me can get you £25 free shop and 75% off the rest off your shopping *as long as your friends and family spend the amount required*

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Get the Best in Beauty products while at Home

Our passion is providing you with the finest range of beauty products. We stock a wide range of cosmetics, hair care, and toiletries. If your skin is sensitive to certain ingredients, we are here to advise on what works best. With years of experience in the beauty business, we take pride in advising our customers on the most effective products for their needs. We also update our offers and stock regularly, so check in often to see what's new.

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Hair needs hydration and protection, so our shampoos restore moisture. We carry a range of replenishing conditioners, including leave-in treatments to defend against splitting and breakage. Of course all our ingredients are free from animal cruelty. During 2018, over 3 million vegan products were sold in the UK alone, a 7% increase from the previous year.

Night in Pampering and trying Products

At Inner Sparkle, we cater to your wide range of beauty needs. All our products are curated specifically for hair and skin, and are all recognised brands in the industry. Come discover the wide range of natural ingredients to heal and nourish your skin. We carry soaps, scrubs, and creams that will cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. Our high-quality brands include organic products with natural active ingredients like essential oils, unrefined Shea and cocoa butter. Treat yourself today with our affordable range of beauty solutions. Booking a party through me will get you some pamper time and your free to try all the products before you buy.

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We have different offers and perks for both the hosts and the guests. Not only do all hosts and guests get the discounts and free offers that Body shop at home offer Inner sparkle have our own little perks. In July we are offering an extra 5% on the 25% discount. We have the 4 seasons parties where if you book 4 parties in a year you will receive a hamper on your 4th party up to the value of £150* Then there is the special occasion parties. Where both the host and the person who's ( birthday, hen party baby shower) get free gifts. With the baby shower parties the new arrival will get a gift too.!! Hosts of The bodyshop at home get a free £25 spend and 70% their spend. (as long as 230 is spent at their party)

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